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Public- and private-sector labor unions

Nationwide, labor unions trust the independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies — more than any other — to provide workers access to high-quality, affordable health care coverage.1

Independence covers 99 percent of all union workers in southeastern Pennsylvania, and we're proud of our long-standing relationship with union health and welfare funds and their members. As always, we stand ready to meet their unique needs.

Flexible, innovative plan options

Because flexibility is key, we offer a range of plan options — from high-deductible health plans to copay and coinsurance plans.

And because removing barriers to services and health care providers is essential to improving health outcomes, we offer benefit plans that empower members to make more informed decisions, drive greater quality, and help reduce cost.

Vision benefits offered through Davis Vision

We're pleased to offer vision benefits through Davis Vision, a company which has partnered with union customers since 1964. Their very first client, a Teamsters group, is still with them today.

Davis Vision knows and understands the needs of labor unions because their own labs proudly employ and serve union members. And 100 percent of their customer service calls and claims are administered in the U.S.

With a rich history of union partnerships, it's no surprise they are the largest vision benefit provider for labor unions, covering 162 union clients representing 3.6 million members.

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Keeping members well at lower costs

Through targeted investments, partnering with other visionary leaders, and establishing our own Center for Health Care Innovation, we are working to solve health care challenges related to quality, affordability, and the overall patient experience:

  • We're using data analysis technology and our vast bank of data on doctors' visits, prescriptions, hospitalizations, and lab results to craft a detailed, 360-degree view of the care members receive, allowing us to better coordinate care, lower overall health care costs, and increase patient and provider satisfaction.
  • Our groundbreaking model to identify patients most at-risk for acute health issues has allowed us to intervene with customized programs and services, resulting in a 50 percent lower rate of hospitalization for many chronically ill patients.

Empowering members to take control of their health

We're committed to delivering powerful and innovative programs, services, and benefits to members, wherever and whenever they need them:

  • Members have access to easy-to-use online and mobile tools that allow them to find and compare providers, estimate care costs, track claims and spending, get help to manage chronic conditions, and more.
  • Through our comprehensive health and well-being programs, we provide incentives and rewards for smart lifestyle choices and offer individualized solutions and information for health issues to help members get healthy and stay that way.

Supporting our local community

Our roots in the greater Philadelphia region are strong, and we share a commitment with local unions to build healthier, more engaged communities:

  • We proudly sponsor initiatives and events that encourage individuals and families to live more active lifestyles — including the Indego bike share program, the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, and National Walk @ Lunch Day.
  • We actively support organizations like the United Way and the Urban League to help drive positive change in our local community.
  • We offer the best and brightest high school and college students the chance to gain practical training and invaluable on-the-job experience in their area of concentration through our internship programs.

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